World Crafts Council – Australia

The Australian Craft Map.

So far, World Crafts Australia has discovered 177 Australian craft organisations. These include associations, workshops, galleries and schools. The research has been focused from west to east. In Western Australia, we found 50 organisations, which is the largest of any state in Australia. This followed by New South Wales (45) and South Australia (36).

We’re sure there are many to add to this list, particularly from Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. If you’d like to help us out with these, please email

Once this list has been compiled, we will include them on our website. The overall aims are to connect together the breadth of national craft activities and advocate for craft as an integral part of Australian life.

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Finally, check out the Thailand issue of Garland magazine. It highlights the village as a home for craft in Southeast Asia. It makes you wonder to what extent there are “villages” supporting craft in Australia?