Winter Night Screen Project 2017 Choreographing Two-Dimensions

Amrita Hepi // Rebecca Jensen
Mariaa Randall // The Delta Project

Curated by Catherine Connolly 

1 – 31 August 2017

Screening nightly from 5.30 – 10 pm
Brunswick Town Hall Window
233 Sydney Road, Brunswick

The Winter Night Screen Project is an annual screening event for the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick, showcasing visually dynamic video works onto the streets through the winter evenings. Each year compelling video works are taken out of the gallery and are viewable to all passers by on Sydney Road.

The Winter Night Screen Project 2017: Choreographing Two-Dimensions is focussed on dance, movement and choreography within the realm of video art. This years program features video works from dancers, choreographers and artists whose works are embedded somewhere between the languages of dance, visual art, performance, movement and choreography.

The relationship between dance and visual art continues to evolve and re-evolve in exciting and energetic ways. The works presented as part of Choreographing Two-Dimensions capture something of this energy, along with the fluidity of the forms. Choreographing Two-Dimensions celebrates the idea of forming and reforming, of movement and expression that dissolves discipline boundaries in favour of explorations of the possibilities of communication, storytelling and experience.

Image top: Amrita Hepi, sometimes I want bell hooks but what I really need is  better Te Reo. (a body of work at the end of the earth) 2017.  Performers Amrita Hepi and Jahra Rager. Courtesy the artist