Wendy Korol – Present Tense

Opening Thursday 29 June, 6pm

29 June – 9 July
The heroes of Wendy Korol’s making are overlooked, commonplace objects such as handles and knobs. We habitually handle them, interact with them visually, and are subtly influenced by their form, their arrangement and their colour. By reinterpreting these objects into abstracted forms Korol aims to draw the hidden, unnoticed qualities of these simple familiar objects into the viewer’s consciousness, to pique his or her curiosity and to reappraise the familiar. Malleable materials such as clay, soft metal foil and mesh are well suited to her quick, intuitive and spontaneous making process. The work comes alive with this impetuous approach to the application of vitreous enamel and paint.

Tinning Street is open:
Thursday – Sunday 11 – 5pm
Enter via Ilhan Lane