Wear Me – Kate V Sylvester

2 – 19 MARCH


Kate V M Sylvester’s contemporary textile work was included in the 2016 VAMFF Cultural Program as a part of Fabrik; conceptual, minimalist and performative approaches to textiles. This year, during the 2017 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Sylvester’s latest collection of de-threaded garments will be exhibited at Tinning Street Presents in a solo exhibition; ‘Wear Me.’ A new collection of de-threaded garments, suspended as a reverse catwalk. Using recycled t-shirts as a ready-made art object, Sylvester creates a new textile by meticulously unravelling the web of bonds between warp and weft within the weave of the tee, to reveal the mass of fabric used in each garment. This new textile is malleable and transferable to various forms of contemporary art practise.

For this exhibition, Sylvester has selected tees from two friends; Pete Rowett & artist, Lily Vonk. Their individual style and online personas epitomise the fetishisation of fashion as identity. ‘Wear Me’ celebrates the power of the clothes we choose to wear and their ability to embody our fetishised persona, helping to transform our demeanour, our acceptance of ourselves and how we present our identity to the world.


Tinning Street is open:
Thursday – Sunday
11 – 5pm
Enter via Ilhan Lane