TIMOR-LESTE: Then and Now – The Good Room

Friday 27 October- Thursday 9th November 2017

Open Friday 27th October 6-8pm

Late open Thursday 9th November 6.30-8pm

​With the  fifteenth anniversary of independence for Timor-Leste this year, The Foundling Archive welcomes Student Conservators for Timor-Leste into The Good Room  to commemorate this milestone. Our final exhibition for the year will incorporate and exhibition, symposium and full program highlighting Timorese cultural heritage.

We invite you to participate in this symposium and visit the exhibition, including contemporary works and examples of digital preservation.

​Student Conservators for Timor Leste (SCTL) is a group that exists to promote the preservation and continuation of the cultural heritage of Timor-Leste.


$5 entry, with funds raised going to the Melbourne East Timorese Activity Centre (METAC).

​With thanks to Fair Trade Films we will be holding a film screening of Beatriz’s War (rated M).

The film is based on the story of Martin Guerre in 16th-century France, transplanted into the setting of East Timor during the Indonesian occupation. The film revolves around the life of a young East Timorese woman named Beatriz. The story begins with Beatriz meeting her future husband, Tomas, as children. The two marry young and soon after their wedding the Indonesian invasion of East Timor begins. Beatriz fights for her true love and her country. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beatriz%27s_War).

The Good Room 390A Lygon Street Brunswick