Spice Trails & Trade Routes

Trace culinary history through a Silk Road inspired dinner: where culture, food and art converge

Artist and nutritionist Rasha Tayeh presents a dinner party like no other on Friday 28 April.

In collaboration with chef Shu Liu (Shu Restaurant, Collingwood) the dinner traces the Silk Road, using spices and herbs that mark points along the journey of these ancient trade routes.

A multi-lingual performance, installation, and feast for the senses for a limited group of just 20 guests.

Artist Rasha Tayeh said that the Silk Road and other trade routes are an insight into the way we eat today.

“This dinner-performance-installation explores some of the incredible stories of spice merchants and traders that took these journeys, and celebrates the spices and flavours they traded,” Ms Tayeh said.

“I’m curious about the movement of things and how ancient trade routes have influenced how we eat today. In this event we’ll be tracing culinary history through our senses, merging art and food in experiential and performative ways. ”.


Date: Friday 28 April, 7pm

Where: MESMA Studio Level 1, 6 Nicholson Street, Coburg

What: Spice Trails and Trade Routes – a 5 course dinner, installation and performance event

Price: $150 with wine / $120 without wine

Ticket link: https://www.trybooking.com/PCFZ