Space Tank Studio News

spacetankstudio2Space Tank Studio are fast approaching our two year anniversary and to mark the occasion Space Tank is building a Tech Lab filled with advanced manufacturing and prototyping equipment. The 50 square metre laboratory will be filled with much needed design technology like 3D scanners, 3D printers, laser cutters, vacuum formers, multi axis milling machines and more.

There are some exciting things happening at Space Tank so check out what’s on the calendar below…

635a366b-0fd8-4d23-ba8e-1b14ccaabcaeAdvanced Materials
This three evening course will change the way you design fashion & soft goods with heat activated film bonding.
8th 9th & 10th Nov – $395

9f8dad6c-fba9-4a8b-a21e-94d3f75678a2Bronze Casting
This two evening course will introduce you to bronze casting using evaporative pattern casting techniques.
10th & 17th Nov – $275


Laser cutting
Daytime Course – Learn Laser Cutting to carry out cutting and engraving procedures on a wide range of materials.
28th Oct – $310

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