SOMA – Emma Michaelis

Opening Thursday 25 Aug, 6pm

2a46345c-ee51-4bb8-bbaa-0bf34c47d6c8In her third solo exhibition with Tinning Street, Emma Michaelis’ Soma is a body of large-scale coloured pencil on paper drawings which seek to uncover the human relationship to parameters of physicality and the conscious/unconscious link between self and body.

With a focus on female subjectivity, Michaelis’ work asks the viewer to redefine their ideas of the location of being(ness), using surface as a definitive juncture which exists between the viewer and the image. Constructing the works life sized is important to the process, questioning individual and shared experiences of being through repeated reconstruction of the figure. This opens up the possibility to discuss the wider human connection to images of corporeality neurologically as well as bodily, and is a theme Michaelis continually finds engaging, encompassing kinetic empathy and sincere responses to representational works within the wider sphere of feminist body theory.