So much to see with MoreArt 2015

Below are some great things to participate in. So get on your bike and pedal your way through MoreArt 2015

‘Jewellery’ Lab by local artist Roseanne Bartley based in Coburg Mall throughout November.

Roseanne will lead an ‘ornamental occupation’ of Coburg Mall to explore the social phenomena of ornamentation through play-based activity.

Ornamenting the body with tattoos, piercings and Jewellery to express personal and social identity is popular across generations and cultures. Ornament is often thought of as a supplement, an
accessory that serves no other purpose than to enhance the body. Alternate thinking around ornamentation suggests it operates socially like a binding agent or glue, signifying membership or
allegiance to, or with a particular social/cultural group or style of fashion. Rather than functioning as the support act, ornament may be thought of operatively as driver of social connectivity in which the zeitgeist of the time may emerge.
The project is built around three correlating social and performative actions:

  • Schmuck* Arena Participants arrange, project and ornament their silhouette with plastic objects (toys) within a small fake grass arena. Images of ornamented shadows taken on participant smart phones can be socially network with a hash-tag or text to project address to enable print versions
  • Schmuck Booth Participants put on a felt bib, accessorize the bib with fuzzy felt elements and take a polaroid portrait which they may keep, display or trade with others displayed on a public noticeboard.
  • Scmuch Awards in which participants make and decorate paper forms which are then adhered to a paper bib and worn by participants in the public space.

Three drop-in play fuelled activities for all ages.

*Schmuck = ornamentation in German and pejoratively means foolish.

November 13 – 28
Fridays 11 -1.30pm
Saturdays 10am -1pm
December Friday 4 7-9pm (Jewell Station)

Artist contact details -9350 4546 / 0425 828 701

The Coburg Quest by Ben Landau throughout Coburg Precinct

Ben has developed a detailed and varied secret journey into Coburg and its everyday wonders. Use your wits to solve challenges along a rollicking series of adventures through Coburg. Anyone can form a team, and sign up to daily ‘green’ tasks, and the more difficult weekend ‘red’ tasks.

Meet fascinating strangers, the gatekeepers of stories, who open doors to secret places. Listen carefully and watch closely, because every clue you collect could help you in the final quiz, where the winner will be crowned the Queen of the Coburg Quest.

Sign up at – Free

Sunday 8 November – Sunday 29 November
Sunday 8 – launch quest, meet at Coburg Historical Society at 2pm
Daily individual ‘green’ tasks, with weekend ‘red’ challenges
Sunday 29 final Quiz – 12-4 pm

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Artists contact details

Dream Boat by Frank Veldze and Suzanne Donisthorpe at the Mechanics Institute Forecourt

How much are you willing to gamble? Across the world – millions of people are gambling with their lives to reach safe haven.

We challenge you to pledge what you would have spent this week on a Tattslotto ticket, gambling at the races or alternatively the value of a couple of coffees, to the UNHCR’s Syria crisis Appeal

For every $10 you pledge, a sheet of paper will be shredded and sculpted into a Chance Child by the artist Frank Veldze as part of the Moreart Public Art show. The Chance Children, will be placed into to his sculpture Dreamboat, a ship made from mattress wire and peopled with figures made from shredded Tatts tickets.

Let’s fill the Dreamboat!

The more you pledge, the better the chances for refugee children across the globe. Frank Veldze and Suzanne Donisthorpe have been collaborating in artistic practice for five years. They make large scale immersive installations that reflect on issues of place and
home. Their work for Moreart, Dreamboat, is a freestanding sculpture made from recycled mattress wire. It’s a boat that is literally made of dreams but sits beached and landlocked. It
references the journeys made and the society built from the migration of people from across the sea.

But it is also a dream boat, because for some, the dream of coming to this country is just that and for others it has become a nightmare. It is a tribute to the generosity of real Australians who say welcome and to the society we make together. The figures that sit in the boat are made from shredded Tattslotto tickets, referencing the
part chance plays in where you are born and how that affects your life.

We are the Lucky Country still and through the course of the show the artists are calling on the public to pledge the money they would have otherwise spent on Tattslotto to UNHCR to aid those who missed the boat in terms of luck.

This year’s theme invites artists to create and facilitate ways for the community to participate and also to dream up places for reflection and contemplation.

Many thanks for the support of invaluable partners and collaborators in the project: RMIT Link Arts, Victrack, Metro Trains and Neo Metro.

Join us in this opportunity to celebrate Moreland’s creative wonders – if you’re unsure where to begin, be sure to book a tour and check the program for opportunities to participate.

Free Walking Tour With Art Aficionados

Saturday 14 November 11am
Bookings –

Free Bike Tours

Launch Tour 12 – 2.30pm Sunday 25 Oct
Tour 12-2.30pm Sunday 22 Nov
Family Tour 12 – 2.30pm Saturday 28 Nov
Night Tour 6 – 8.30pm Friday 4 DEC
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