Shawn Barber  | Mike Davis | Peter Ferguson | El Gato Chimney | Dan Witz | Jean Labourdette

Reliquaries is a group show guest curated by Jean Labourdette. This show includes new works by Shawn Barber, Mike Davis, Peter Ferguson, El Gato Chimney, Dan Witz and Jean Labourdette. A reliquary is a container or shrine for holy objects, and the participating artists have been inspired by this theme to varying degrees: some works obviously depict a reliquary and others are influenced by the idea, though, as Labourdette suggests, paintings by their very nature can be considered sacred objects which capture some of the soul of the artist who created them.

Opens Saturday, Dec 9, 6pm – 9pm. Exhibition runs until Dec 21, closes over the Christmas and New Year break, then reopens Jan 6. Exhibition ends on Jan 10.

We are thrilled to share the online catalogue for Reliquaries. Click here to view the works.