Regional Arts Victoria’s Connecting Places program

unnamed-560x427Regional Arts Victoria’s Connecting Places program works in partnerships with local community groups to bring professional quality touring work to their communities and halls. Connecting Places is open to not-for-profit community associations who have access to a venue.

Support from Regional Arts Victoria includes:

Remount Costs:

These are the costs that the producer or creator of the work has to pay in order to get the show on the road. This can include the costs of rehearsing, building sets and props and other similar things.

Works in the Connecting Places program are either already engaged for a tour with professional presenters or have low or no remount costs.

Touring Costs:

These are the costs to get the group to your hall for the show, they might include hire cars, fuel, tolls and meals and accommodation.

Per Performance Fee:

This is what the producer gets for putting on a show. This will include payment for the performers and other people involved with the show. This ranges from between $2,000 to $3,500 exc. GST

Community Presenters who wish to engage a performance from the Connecting Places program will need to meet a reasonable and substantial amount of this cost.

Image: Miles and Simone sourced here.

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