Real Life Fantasies | Group Show

West Space, Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Exhibition continues until Saturday 19th August 2017.

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Image: Natasha Madden, Final Form: Confessions, 2016 (HDV still)

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Real Life Fantasies

West Space invites you to Real Life Fantasies – a group exhibition featuring artists who defy dominant narratives of sex, sexuality, gender and desire, and define themselves according to their own terms and own pleasures.

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I’m thinking of these two moments as having potential for euphoria or at least a thrill / shock … and the drip , drop that inevitably follows. they are both available to me, a public (mood) swing & a bag of oranges from IGA (vitamin c). (Brighid Fitzgerald)

Since i have become a mother, my relationship with my body has really shifted. My breasts are making so much milk and feeding my son, their role has changed so much, and i really wanted to create an image that captured some part of the body changing through childbirth. (Ruth O’Leary)

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The leaves of the Bunya pine are incredibly sharp and spiky. I often find myself and my transgender peers being like the leaves. Spiky and protective so we can grow as human beings. (Kaiwarr Clancy)

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Personally the themes discussed in this show, particularly sexuality and sexual freedom, are so foreign and “other” to me, even though my own work discusses this i struggle to be comfortable speaking about these topics, that i was raised to believe were taboo. (Lara Chamas)

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Artists: Katherine Botten, Sophie Cassar, Lara Chamas, Kaiwarr Clancy, Saskia Doherty, Hana Earles, Brighid Fitzgerald, Natasha Madden, Rafaella McDonald, Ruth O’Leary, Lillian Palser Barto, Nell Pearson and Alice McIntosh, Sam Petersen, Nadege Philippe-Janon, Ander Rennick, Zoe Wong. Curated by West Space Director Patrice Sharkey.