Tall Sticks Furniture

Tall Sticks Furniture specialises in creating bespoke recycled timber furniture pieces. We take timbers sourced from condemned buildings from across Melbourne and give them another chance to stand tall once more. Each stick is looked over, nails pulled and then decided upon what is it’s best use.

At TSF we strive to make the most of this resource and also leave some of it’s previous life and textures in the timbers to carry on its story. We work with you to decide on the right aesthetic and style to suit what you have in mind.

Get in touch today to discuss your furniture piece.

TSF is created in a shared workshop in the heart of Brunswick, housed in an old textile factory. TSF is a furniture project of designer, Tim Denshire-Key.

Website- www.tallsticksfurniture.com.au

Instagram- @tallsticksfurniture

Facebook- facebook.com/tallsticksfurniture



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