Sheena Mathieson

Sheena Mathieson is an artist who runs Woman-made – an art-based practice. She is passionate about the beauty of the found and stimulating the creation and appreciation of art.

Woman-made is about encouragement and inspiration. Sheena is highly skilled at promoting a love of art through interaction, facilitated activities and other events. Her programs for people of all abilities are full of colour and fun.

Woman-made also showcases Sheena Mathieson’s vibrant and expanding range of art made from the found and recycled. These works are sought after for their emotional resonance and for being completely unique. Sheena really enjoys making one-off pieces (including commissions). Sheena is inspired by her surrounds, by being with people and learning about their ideas. Her zany love of life in general is infectious.

Sheena is also an Ambassador who is happy to share her story and the opportunities available to young adults with disabilities in their transition from school to adult life. To find out more please visit website.



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