Northcote Pottery Supplies

Northcote Pottery Supplies has been in the business of selling pottery supplies for over thirty years. Whilst selling pottery supplies is the core of the business, Northcote Pottery Supplies has developed into a centre of clay activity in Melbourne, committed to offering a diverse range of opportunities for those interested in ceramics and creating spaces for ceramics education and studio practice.

Northcote Pottery Supplies offers high quality workshops and courses, expert staff and teachers. The beginning of 2015 saw the refurbishment of a larger studio space for evening classes, and studio access where people can work and practise with clay independently. Workshops and courses are designed to cater for a variety of skill levels. For those at a higher level we offer Masterclasses by inspiring leaders in the field of ceramics. Northcote Pottery Supplies has also developed workshops that assist practicing potters and artists such as Business Development and Photography for Potters.

Northcote Pottery Supplies offers a Guest Artist in Residence Program, established in 2014. In this program potters and artists working with clay are allocated a rent-free studio space for three months and a workshop opportunity at Northcote Pottery Supplies. Guest Artists join the community of permanent resident artists.

SMALLpieces is the Northcote Pottery Supplies retail space for contemporary handmade ceramics. Approximately 40 selected artists from Melbourne and beyond have their work showcased in this intimate space, located at the entrance to Northcote Pottery Supplies. The SMALLpieces Artist of the Month Series is a highlight throughout the year.

All of these areas of Northcote Pottery Supplies come together to promote ceramics, educate and inspire.

Northcote Pottery Supplies
142-144 Weston Street, Brunswick East 3057

(03) 9387 3911


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