Karen Standke

Karen Standke has had a career in the arts spanning 20 years, with exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Karens paintings are informed by thorough research into the changing face of the landscape and the impact of climate change, introduction of weeds and non native fauna and flora.

The signs of these impacts can be subtle and almost beautiful:
 Patterson’s curse, aka Salvation Jane, a noxious weed on the grasslands around Melbourne; the sparse treeless landscape of Werribee;
the loss of the native Spinifex plants around Amoonguna in the Northern Territory, replaced with the introduced Buffel Grass, resulting in 95 % loss of biodiversity in the area.

Karen’s work focuses on the change in the environment – thus raising the question, how do we respond emotionally? how do we respond practically to these challenges?

It is this juxtaposition that she is most interested in, informed by psychology, politics, religion and science.



Karen Standke: Full Circle


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