Heather Grafton

light-darkHeather Grafton a graphic designer from the cold land of England thought it might be nice to share the inner working of my odd mind with the wider world resulting in Heather Grafton illustrations. A collection of printed works -­‐ some hand finished and framed.

I draw/create from a love of craft and communication. The idea of looking, but not seeing. Leaving the eye to add/create for itself. Reflecting on physiology and environment. The world of haute couture to rural environment, the contrast of man made/natural.

boy-and-bollones-clourProducing illustrations that are aimed at a more male demographic exhibiting a darker view using a parody on the world we live in -­‐ with a fun twist. A very grown up collection of illustration prints that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Art work with a little story to tell.

Resulting in a selection of illustration prints ranging in size from A5 to A3 and consisting of 4 different collections. One collection is hand finished. {There are options for framing.}

All printed on Aus made paper and Aus produced inks.

New in September a selection of greeting cards and a pin collection with the opportunity to sign up to a monthly subscription to receive an art print each month or a pin each month as a gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself.





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