Colourful Creatures

Colourful Creatures: A support group for Melbourne creatives
Come hang out with your creative friends!

Calling all artists, musicians, crafters, makers of many types,

We are an artist support network focussing on positive mental health. We host a regular meet up where people can share the highs and lows with people who understand.

The group connects independent artists, in particular, the unemployed and/or self employed artists, although there is no prerequisite to attending. All manner of colourful creatures are welcome. We want this to be an inclusive, safe space to discuss experiences and meet like-minded people.

Please bring a plate of food to share, cups of tea provided.

We also do show and tell, so you are more than welcome to bring something you’ve been working on to share with the group, although there’s no pressure to do so.

We also want to meet you and find out how this group can help you to feel better connected and supported, we welcome your feedback and hope that together we can build a stronger arts community.

A directory and resources about and for Creatives and Makers living and/or working in Melbourne.

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