Amethyst Moon: Luna Cameron-Parrish

Luna Cameron-Parrish is a painter, sculptor, mixed media and mosaic artist. Formerly based in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia for ten years, she is now living and working in Brunswick East. After starting her art career in painting and sculpture, she developed an interest in mosaics twelve years ago and has since discovered a wide range of ways to use this versatile medium including furniture, garden and water features, fine art pieces and large-scale murals.

Luna describes her style as eclectic and quirky. Designs range from decorative patterns and stylised realism through to abstract. Works often contain an assortment of contrasting materials, highlighting different textures and refractive light qualities. Many materials are chosen specifically to suit a particular theme or subject.

Recycling discarded objects can be an important part of the process. An abandoned piece of furniture, a fragment of broken pottery, old jewellery, lampshades, rusty bits of metal, stones from the garden – anything can find its way into one of Luna’s art works and have new life breathed into it. She is currently focused on creating mixed media sculpture and custom-made art art journals embellished with mosaic and polymer clay. Some of her smaller work is available to purchase at Incube.8r Gallery, 321 Smith Street, Fitzroy. For private commissions, tuition and classes or community art projects, please email her at

Luna is interested in using art to explore everything from the sublime to the ridiculous, from abstract ideas, social issues, environmental concerns, to the weird and wonderful ways that the human mind works.

Amethyst Moon

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