3rd Stone

Making products that could well be described as “Tech with soul”, I strive to create works onto which people can project meaning and that strike a chord that is both deeply personal and aesthetically contemporary.

Using laser cutting technology and a lively palette of colours and textures in wood and acrylics, my renderings of suburbs of Melbourne (and commissions beyond) tap into the joyful and complex world of fascination, association, connection and meaning that people draw from gazing at maps. They are textural, detailed and yet also stylishly minimalist in their presentation.

We don’t limit ourselves to maps however – the commercial applications of laser cutting are there  wherever there is a need and desire for a decorative element to a practical problem. It could be a small promotional item, a screen for a garden wall or acoustic wall panels for a large hospitality space. The possibilities are truly endless.



3rd Stone Designs – Laser cut suburb maps of Melbourne – Pinterest

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