Poppy Elixir – Citrus Knightshade – Sarah Jäckle

Soma – Brunswick, 421 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Poppy Elixir
Citrus Knightshade
Sarah Jäckle

Poppy Elixir’s paintings explore the fluctuations and variance of intimacy through the depiction of intense human interaction and raw sensation.

Citrus Knightshade explores the manic unconscious and surreal, dystopian visions of the future.

Tackling the complexity of the human experience through embodying a childlike mind, Citrus manages to create a fun, nightmarish reflection on the modern world and beyond.

Sarah’s works capture her personal journey through Australia and towards herself. Her journey is about the Australian culture, humans, nature and the connection between them told through a search for happiness and meaning.

Sarah uses collages to illustrate the vicissitude and differing aspects of life. Collating images can give a totally different perspective from the original image, and convey a completely new meaning. The abstraction of these collages presents a leeway to the imagination of the viewer. The array of shapes, forms, textures and colours come together as an amalgamation of the various facets of life.