Popcraft Swap Meet


Sunday August 28th from 2-5 pm

Find or offer a new home to al treasured textiles, yarn and tools of the trade. It will be a great opportunity to meet like-minded textile nerds and share ideas and resources. There will be 40 participants. You will be allocated half a trestle table approx. 1m wide but are welcome to bring bags full to keep your spot stocked at all time. All the exchanges will be done sans currency so dust off your negotiating skills!

There will be however, sweet treats available for purchase on the day and the a Pop Craft shop will be set up for all your yarn, visor and cushion needs.
It will be a celebration of textiles and yarn as well as the community of makers.

To book you table go to http://popcraft.bigcartel.com/product/pop-craft-swap-meet