On Being – The Honeymoon Suite

On Being 
Isabel Buck
Jessie Bullivant
Georgina Cue
Clementine Edwards
Danny Frommer
Spencer Lai
Phebe Schmidt
Andrea Simmons

Exhibition – Friday 29 September – Saturday 21 October 2017

The Honeymoon Suite is pleased to announce the opening of On Being on Thursday 28 September 2017. The exhibition includes work by Isabel Buck, Jessie Bullivant, Georgina Cue, Clementine Edwards, Danny Frommer, Spencer Lai, Phebe Schmidt and Andrea Simmons.

On Being is a group exhibition bringing together eight artists who engage with the body in their practices. It posits the premise that the body is inherently performative. The exhibition also considers how artists embody self-hood and modes of subjectivity with and through inanimate objects.

Active and passive representations of the body often coalesce in contemporary art. However, the body does not necessarily need to be present to be the subject of an artistic enquiry.

On Being suggests that artistic engagement with the body, whether through an object or direct representation, can propose alternatives to the performative scripts ingrained in our socio-political sphere. It has the potential to draw attention to our physical presence and our agency of being.

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