Northcity4 Jewellery 3 Ways seminar

Our annual Jewellery 3 Ways seminar is on next Thursday night. Book your tickets here.
Jewellery 3 Ways: Originality and Authenticity in Contemporary Practice
In this, the third instalment of our Jewellery 3 Ways series, we explore the themes of originality and authenticity in contemporary practice.

Today, technology introduces us immediately to worldwide practice. This has transformed the way we see and do things. Information, aesthetics and trends are circulated almost as quickly as they are created. There are many positive outcomes of this access to information, however one negative effect of this is the proliferation of imitation and plagiarism in craft practice. We believe that one of the ways of approaching this challenge is to highlight the importance of research and education in creating an original and authentic practice. We will also look into how influence can be a valid and rich source of inspiration as opposed to literal interpretation of ideas and aesthetics.

The three speakers – Hannah Presley, Eddy Carroll and Nicholas Bastin – have been selected because of their unswerving attention to excellence and originality in their chosen field.

Thursday Oct 20, 6-8pm $20

f499c941-1766-49b1-85b0-ccd3b0de9274It’s a new season of light and everything in nature has burst into growth, including the The Indoor Forest!

Our large forest containers are now ready and in place, and the main ceiling structure for the cascading green wall is up. The best of all? There’s a garden seat for two amongst the foliage, perhaps for sharing a beverage while contemplating life …

Read the latest blog post for more information and put Sunday the 27th November in your diaries for the big Indoor Forest launch.