New shows at Counihan Gallery

Towla & Identity Intersection

1 June until 25 June.

Gallery One


Deanna Hitti 

Deanna Hitti’s arts practice concerns the nuanced relationships between East and West and the place from which we look and construct our understandings of the world, of self and other. An Australian of Lebanese heritage, Hitti unpacks colonial representations of the Middle East on both a personal and cultural level.

An ongoing series of artists books and large scaled prints, explore the extensive visual history of 19th and 20th century Orientalism. The colonial distorted images of the Middle East, depicting Arabs as exaggeratedly different; often as under developed, inferior, barbaric, terrorists. The West in contrast is seen as rational, humane and superior. Orientalism continues to permeate and feed the complex racial problems we experience today.

Deanna Hitti. Artbook Volume Arba’ah (four) 2016. Cyanotype and Tannin Somerset Bookwove 175gsm, 98 pages, 52 x 35cm. Courtesy the artist.

Gallery Two

Identity Intersection

Sofi Basseghi | Yu Fang Chi | Vanessa Godden
Riza Manalo | Tassia Joannides | Paula van Beek

Presented by Triple F collective and curated by Tassia Joannides

Triple F are a collective based in Melbourne of international and local artists conducting research and creating works that contribute to the discourse on perceptions of female subjectivity. Their exhibition for Counihan Gallery Identity Intersection is a conversation between artworks produced by six female artists from America, Australia, Iran, Philippines, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Responding to diverse cultural influences on femininity, feminism and female sexuality, this exhibition is a means of constructing a multi-national discourse on female experience across objects, screens and live performance.

Paula van Beek. Self Evident 2015. Video installation, 4 Ipads, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist