Moreland Summer Show


83535294-59d3-4739-958a-5a4dc2f3a3faThe Moreland Summer Show is an annual exhibition showcasing the diverse and creative talent of visual artists with strong connections to the City of Moreland. The theme for this year’s exhibition is ‘FACTIVISM’. It will run 11 November – 10 December.

FACTIVISM: News, information and opinion are never far out of reach. We are saturated with headlines, images, slogans, sound bites and signs but often lack facts. Facts are powerful, yet they can be cherry-picked and spun. How are facts verified? How do we form our view? What banner should we flock to? What is the right cause? How do we put the truth to work?

If you are an artist who lives, works, studies or bases their studio practice in the municipality, visit the website to download an information pack: