Moreland Quilt Design

The Moreland Quilt will be pieced together from pieces created in our stitching sessions (see Calendar), pieces made at home or at other events.  The project will take place from January – June 2017. Piecing together of the quilt/s will take place in July – if you are interested in assisting with this task please email

All pieces should represent your memories, visions, favourite places, teams or anything which represents the City of Moreland to you.

We would also love to receive any images you have of Moreland places, events, people, etc. whether old or new along with your stories.  These can be emailed through to and will be included in the final exhibition and on social media throughout the project.

The pieces created will be:

  • Single squares need to have a stitched area of 10cm square with a seam allowance of 1.5 cm all round – 13cm square fabric pieces.
  • Or if working as a group or you would prefer to create a larger piece it just needs to be created in 10cm sq multiples with again a 1.5cm seam allowance on the out edges. eg: for a finished piece of 30 x 50 cm the piece would need to be cut to 33 x 53 cm.
  • Pieces can be created by stitch, crochet, knitting, pasting fabric together, drawing on fabric with fabric or sharpie pens, photography transfer or any other method you can think of!  Just remember – all pieces need to have a fabric back to enable them to be stitched together to form the final quilt/s.

Have you completed a piece for the Moreland Quilt?

If you have a piece you have completed to add to the Moreland Quilt you can drop them off at the following locations.

All pieces need to be received by Friday 23 June 2017.

  • New Futures Creative – Level 1 377 Sydney Road, Coburg
  • Brunswick Neighbourhood House 43A De Carle St, Brunswick
  • East Coburg  Community House – 32 Nicholson St Coburg East
  • Newlands Community House – 20 Murray Road North Coburg
  • Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House – 104A Reynard St, Coburg
  • Sussex Neighbourhood House – 235 Sussex St, Pascoe Vale

Please make sure that you attach a tag to your work with the name/s of contributors, your suburb and your email/s so that we can invite you to the final exhibition of the quilt/s.






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