Mira Gojak and Elizabeth Newman at Neon Parc

27 October – 16 December

Opening Friday October 27  at 6:00 pm

15 Tinning St, Brunswick

Neon Parc is delighted to announce a two-person exhibition of Melbourne based artists Mira Gojak and Elizabeth Newman, to be held at the gallery’s Brunswick location.

Designed to tease out formal and conceptual concerns in each artist’s work, the exhibition will comprise of sculpture, painting, drawing and objects. Both artists create works with a deft and delicate aesthetic, yet they present a unique take on late modernist practice, thus refining a sense of classical and recurring motifs in contemporary art.

Gojak’s practice incorporates sculpture, installation, and drawing. Both her drawings and immersive three-dimensional sculptures are characterised by lyrical lines which convey a sense of rhythm and movement, whilst investigating form, volume and space. As such, she has described her work as bodily gestures that express the tension between two actions: to expand and extend out into the world, and to contract and retreat. Gojak will exhibit recent sculptures which will spread throughout the gallery space. She is represented by Murray White Room, Melbourne.

Newman’s practice encompasses paintings, works on paper, photographs and ready- to wear garments. Featured in this exhibition will be new works in mixed media such as wall paintings, drawings and objects. Her paintings question the parameters and definitions of the medium. They are opaque, deliberately being devoid of any subject matter or conscious intention, often engaging only with the language of painting itself, as while they refer to, and suggest traditions of modernist painting, they deliberately fail to live up to its perfection and enlightened ideals.