Minor Handling – Bess Davey

b70bff32-91db-4aeb-b2e8-f02ba5505a4916 ~ 26 June
Opening Thursday 16 June, 6-9pm
Minor Handling is an installation of textile and video elements by Melbourne based artist Bess Davey.

The work documents attempts to recreate a connection to tactile making processes in a post-industrial context. Part craft, part online DIY, part homewares display, the installation reflects on a naïve desire to regain a lost sense of intimacy with materials. Mimicking everyday objects, the works suggest a connection to principles of utilitarian design, however are ultimately impractical and somehow absurd. The end result is a questioning of how tactile processes of making, based on knowledge acquired through touch, can inhabit a culture in which objects in our everyday surroundings appear to us as enigmatically prefabricated entities.