Melbourne’s ‘Dead and Buried’ history

31c088b2170b46af0baa0f6abc919afcMELBOURNE’S dark and dirty past will be explored in a new six-part podcast series.

Brunswick researchers Carly Godden and Lee Hooper said their new series, Dead and Buried, would explore the tragedy — and comedy — of the city’s murky history. The first episode tells the tale of two circus sweethearts and a bitter rivalry between fortune tellers, setting the tone for the rest of the series.

Godden promised Moreland’s most famous landmark would get a mention. “One of our subjects languished in Pentridge Prison under a life sentence until dying in 1869, and the other was executed during World War II when Melbourne was host to thousands of American GIs,” she said.

Godden said the idea for the show came to her during her day job at the Public Records Office. “I was coming across these amazing stories in the archives, and thinking there’s just not a lot out there in terms of podcasts covering Melbourne — so it might as well be me,” she said.

Godden joined forces with fellow researcher and history buff Hooper, picking up a grant from the City of Melbourne along the way. Godden said she hoped the podcast would inspire Melburnians to look a bit deeper into their history. “It gives you a sense of the people that came before you, and I think it gives you a renewed appreciation for your own neighbourhoods,” she said.

Dead and Buried will be available for free from October 3 via iTunes or