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Arts Organisations

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AGDA – The Australian Graphic Design Association IA – Illustrators Australia
TAFTA – The Australian Forum for Textile Arts

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Auspicing Organisations

For an information sheet on Auspicing Agreements see the Arts Law site below.

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Insurance Options

Public Liability insurance is essentially third party insurance designed to protect not only members of the public but visitors, trespassers, sub-contractors, or anyone else who may be physically injured and/or whose property may be damaged whilst in the boundaries of the space you are responsible for. As a result, many organisations have started to request Public Liability Insurance from tenants, performers and artists even when there is no public outcome associated with their work.

Public Liability is also offered by many arts organisations as part of their accredited membership fee and these are often a much cheaper option than finding your own.  If you require further Public Liability Insurance information you should contact a professional insurance broker to advise you on what product best suits your needs.

We do not endorse the services of any of the insurance companies listed below, their names have been provided to us by artists and performers that have used them. If you have secured affordable  Public Liability insurance in the past or if you arts organisation provides insurance and is not mentioned below, please let us know.

Performers may look into:

Duck for Coverlogo


Visual artists, writers and designers may consider the following providers:


Flying Arts Alliance (including specific plans for writers as well as other artists)flying-arts-logo


Craft Victoriaindex

QBE Insurance (Australia) Limitedbf55831304dd842bb9542b3242f0e5c2_400x400


Community Groups might find something suitable with:

Local Community Insurance ServiceLocal_Community_Insurance_Services_Logo

Community Underwriterscommunity-underwriting-logo







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