Jam every other day – Georgia Harvey & Dawn Vachon

b70bff32-91db-4aeb-b2e8-f02ba5505a4906 ~ 16 OCTOBER
Opening Thursday 06 Oct, 6pm

a61fb590-7c14-4d78-bfdb-b879f857671cFor 6 months, ceramicists Georgia Harvey and Dawn Vachon have jammed every other day. Through a process of exchange, each has provided the other with material to work with, be influenced by, rebuff or outright poach – all the while pondering the nature of influence and the pervasive artistic drive for originality. This exhibition, bringing together the collated results of this playful exploration, tells a story greater – or stranger – than its parts.

1eb34861-8a31-4bca-bc66-d0b741025e8f 1fa02a09-688e-466a-af96-3ca61027c6b4This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


Jam Every Other Day, Georgia Harvey and Dawn Vachon, Photography by Concettina Inserra