Internal Audit – Gian Manik

The Honeymoon Suite is pleased to announce the opening of Internal Audit, a solo exhibition by Gian Manik on Saturday 10 February 2018.

Internal Audit includes a series of new and recent paintings by Gian Manik. Through the language of painting Manik’s practice investigates the ways in which vibration can be represented. Borrowing from multiple visual devices his paintings oscillate between realism and abstraction to create liminal spaces that skew a singular reference point.

Internal Audit presents an experimental and looser approach to mark-making for Manik. The gallery has been used as a studio to create the exhibition site-specifically during the past summer. In the office gallery Manik has created an overlapping composition of various panels of fabrics marked with sporadic and considered gestures. In the main gallery a large un-stretched painting on canvas covers the entire wall fixed in place with handcrafted nails by Jacob Ogden-Smith. The painting began during a residency initiated by FORM Gallery, Perth, in early 2017 where Manik relocated to a studio in the Pilbara region and collaborated with students from Hedland Senior High School to create this piece.