In Flow with Money

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Especially for creatives, freelancers, solopreneurs and soulpreneurs…

If you work for and by yourself responsibility for your prosperity can be a weighty burden.

In Flow with Money is designed to help you learn to align with the abundance vibe so you can revamp your beliefs around money and your ability to earn it and keep it.

We’ll highlight your money vibe and workshop what’s holding you back, whether it’s your steadfast belief in the knight in shining armour, going weak at the knees when you know you need to raise your prices, your secret habit of doing things for free, or your mother’s voice haunting you every time you go to buy a pair of shoes.

It’s time to master your prosperity vibe.

Saturday 17th September

$125. 00 –  10am-1pm including morning tea and your personal copy of the Money Flows workbook

at The Cowork Collective 421 Lygon St Brunswick East (Bec’s studio)

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