Honest – Amy Woodward

b70bff32-91db-4aeb-b2e8-f02ba5505a4908 ~ 18 SEPTEMBER
Opening Thursday 08 Sep, 6pm

3f886c54-f2c4-41c3-820e-4776edb398c5Honest is a varied body of photographic work that interprets mundane, domestic situations in a hyper-observant manner, uniting them with diffusions of tepid light and colour. A form of inanimate-object-voyeurism, the images link together through their common curiosity of the unremarkable.

The interplay between these seemingly disparate collections of images is often defined post-shoot; producing a visual conversation that feels simultaneous but is lapsed between months. In this sense, the visual conversation is a private interview with some subjects – a dry mouth retainer resting on peach linoleum sits near the common keratinous vision of a flesh separated prawn tail on a plate. Shot on a mix of 35mm, phone and digital, there’s a sense of quiet tension between pairings that creates often intimate and sometimes surprising narratives.

Honest, the photobook will be launched alongside the exhibition, and will be available for purchase on opening night.

40ed6477-51c3-4b07-9eff-c61452e92505With thanks to Thirds Fine Art Printing.