Harley Manifold | A Strange Dance

QV Gallery | 19 – 30 July

The oil paintings of Harley Manifold depict the lone figure ambling through life – in alleyways in Melbourne landscapes, dwarfed by skyscrapers and highway overpasses, quiet places like bathrooms, and the countryside to which he has returned. Manifold’s paintings tread the discourse of unnoticed physical and psychological terrains. City landscapes, constructed by people yet cluttered by ‘anti-spaces’, Manifold’s paintings reflect tensions between states of camouflage and discontinuity in an era of increased communication and alienation.

The artist’s works are held in various private collections in Australia and overseas. He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Melbourne, as well as shows in Perth and Adelaide and has recently entered the private collections of the Director of the Warrnambool Art Gallery, The Assistant Director of the National Gallery of Australia and the Director of the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. Manifold is a three-time finalist of Australia’s richest art prize for emerging artists, The Metro Art Award, as well as a finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (2015,) and the Salon Des Refuses of the Archibald Prize (2016). In 2014 he won the Cliftons Art Prize and the Cliftons Art Prize People’s Choice Award. 

This exhibition will stay open late for Melbourne’s Nite Art on Thursday 27 July.