Garland Magazine seeking entries

e4ff4097-318c-4cdd-94a4-62e472d2d10bThe third issue of Garland is currently being developed to be launched at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (15-17 July). They will be tracing the journeys of the objects that will feature there, as well as other Queensland stories that warrant our “behind the scenes” inquiry.

A common theme will be the relation between nature and handmade. To this end, we welcome works for our online exhibition that reflect a relationship between growing and making.

6d70d6a5-0c10-4ebe-8690-bf874200edb1Nature craft
The story of craft as an art of civilisation is one of controlling nature. The properties of natural substances are mastered in order to manipulate them into unnatural forms for utility and beauty. What might be a craft of the anthropocene era, where nature and human are intertwined? How does craft practice reflect an ecological relation to nature, where the process of making plays a role in the sustainability of materials. And how can nature influence the making process?
Go here for information about submitting works to this exhibition by 10 June.

Spring is coming
Meanwhile, they are also developing the next issue for September this year that will coincide with the World Crafts Council General Assembly in Isfahan. The lifting of sanctions in Iran reveals a country that has maintained an extraordinary level of craftsmanship in techniques such as carpet weaving, pottery, wood inlay and jewellery. They will be exploring the new dialogues with Iranian craft and design.

In Iran, a polite way of saying thank you is khaste nabashi, which literally means “don’t be tired”. We’ll explore how Iran learned to survive during sanctions how this might be useful for other countries where culture is at risk.