Exhibit with Tacit Galleries

Application to exhibit at Tacit is as straightforward as we can make it. 2018 will see us move to our new and bigger premises in Collingwood but until then we will be presenting exhibitions in both the Abbotsford and Collingwood premises. Our schedule for the remainder of 2017 in Abbotsford is now full.

  • Simply email up to 5 images of work, preferably of work proposed to be included in the exhibition (or, if you haven’t made it yet, images of recent work).
  • Provide an exhibiting cv and an indication of the preferred gallery/galleries along with dates (we suggest you provide optional dates and gallery preference as schedules below show only confirmed exhibitions).
  • If it’s a group exhibition, provide a short exhibition statement/proposal along with details of all proposed artists.

And that’s basically it. We will want to meet and discuss with you your proposal prior to a final decision being made.