Of everything that disappears there remain traces

Image: Seala Lokolo-Evans, Untitled, 2016, clay and volcanic lava glaze, dimensions variable.
Dan Arps
Samantha Barrow
Jeremy Eaton
Kate Hill
Georgia Kaw
Seala Lokollo-Evans
Kate Newby
Charlie Sofo
curated by Lauren Ravi
Opening Thursday 6 April, 6-8pm
Exhibition Friday 7 – Saturday 29 April 2017

The Honeymoon Suite is pleased to announce the opening of Of everything that disappears there remain traces on Thursday 6 April 2017, 6-8pm. The exhibition is curated by board member Lauren Ravi and includes work by eight artists: Dan Arps, Samantha Barrow, Jeremy Eaton, Kate Hill, Georgia Kaw, Seala Lokollo-Evans, Kate Newby and Charlie Sofo.

“At any rate, nothing just vanishes; of everything that disappears there remain traces.” *

Often when looking at an ancient artefact, or relic, one may see the material as holding traces of their human makers. The gestures held within materials contribute to a distinctive, yet intangible, eminence – something of an ‘auratic quality.’

Of everything that disappears there remain traces presents a range of artistic practices that highlight the social life of the material world in relation to the human gesture. Focusing on the artists’ handling, methods of production and interaction with their environments, and the alchemical processes’ of transformation that a material undergoes, this exhibition presents material not as pure matter but rather as holding congealed moments in a broader social trajectory that is subject to change.

* Baudrillard, Jean. Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared. Chicago: Seagull Books, 2009.