Creative Victoria – Music Works Grants


Applications open 6 July 2016

Music Works Grants are designed to support opportunities for Victoria’s contemporary music industry through three key areas:

  • Creating Content
  • Building Capacity
  • Connecting to markets

Applications are welcomed from all sections of the sector from artists, managers, labels and other industry technicians to support projects that will enhance the capacity of the sector and support new works and new markets.

Creative Victoria Music Works applications are open 6 July 2016.

To sign up with an Auspiced Application:

1. Sign up on the online Creative Vic portal.
2. Go to “Update My Details” and make a note of your Contact Code.
3. Email Auspicious Arts requesting us to register you as an Auspiced Application, citing your Contact Code (not your APP number).
4. Auspicious Arts will send you your APP number, and then you can start your online application.
5. Arrange a time to discuss your project budget.
6. Complete your application at least 3 working days BEFORE the deadline (outrageous we know!)
7. Notify Auspicious that you have uploaded your application, and we will submit it on your behalf.