Commoning Ground: Mixed-format community workshop and public forum

Wednesday April 26th
Doors open 6.30pm

The Asian Australian Democracy Caucus (AADC) in partnership with The Good Room (East Brunswick) is presenting Commoning Ground a mixed-format community workshop and public dialogue on political visions and ecological justice on Aboriginal country.

The event begins with a 1-hour public dialogue between Shinen Wong (Convenor of the AADC and Co-editor for AADC blog) and Robert Denish Wood (writer and former Politics Editor for Peril Magazine). In this dialogue, Shinen and Robert will explore the personal, social, cultural, political and activistic vision drafted by Robert in his upcoming publication “Our Common Ground”. We will explore and interrogate the dignity and the limitations of multiculturalism and identity politics, the ongoing challenges to Australian and transnational anti-racist movements, the role of non-Aboriginal people of colour on stolen country in decolonisation, inquiries into broader social and ecological justice movements, and challenging and reforming Australian sovereignty and citizenship, its responsibilities and its possibilities for re-formation.

This talk will be followed by a workshop on deriving and enacting collective visions to enable more effective, creative, critical and joyful forms of community action.