Claire Macrae Drylie – Abandoned

28th September – 15th October
Opening Thursday 28 Sept, 6pm

The work in this exhibition ‘Abandoned’ is inspired by my interest in photography, and also my fascination with the macabre.
I grew up in the Box Brownie era, the photos were tiny, the images grainy and one had to look really closely to get a sense of what was actually going on. My piano teacher subscribed to the ‘Illustrated London Times’ while waiting for my lesson, I devoured these magazines, for they often contained thrilling grainy images of dead people. Images not found in my mother’s favoured magazine, ‘The Women’s Weekly’. I still remember seeing and trying to make sense of an image of Mussolini and his mistress, hanging upside down from a crude scaffold, surrounded by smiling villagers. A single shoe lying on the ground underneath.

And now, many decades later, I photograph and make work about dark, abandoned and unusual people and places. These photographs are then reconstructed to give the works a narrative of their own.

Tinning Street is open:
Thursday – Sunday 11 – 5pm
Enter via Ilhan Lane