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Colourful Creatures

Colourful Creatures: A support group for Melbourne creatives
Come hang out with your creative friends!

Calling all artists, musicians, crafters, makers of many types,

We are an

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Angharad Summers

Angharad Summers is a product and furniture designer from New Zealand currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Her designs aim to be interesting, sustainable and non-egocentric pieces. She wants to design pieces that are functional and/or thought-provoking in order to provide people with something that is new, yet necessary.

Non-egocentric design is design which is selfless and altruistic. It is about something bigger than the designer and their desire to create something beautiful. It can come in the

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Tall Sticks Furniture

Tall Sticks Furniture specialises in creating bespoke recycled timber furniture pieces. We take timbers sourced from condemned buildings from across Melbourne and give them

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Tamara Russell

Tamara Russell is a Textile Artist specialising in free machine embroidery and hand stitching based in Melbourne, Australia.

She is always exploring her surroundings and interpreting

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Vera’s Friends Planters

Lucille Booker and her partner Aaron decided a while ago that we would start start building planter boxes and buying pre-loved items to plant their succulents in. Her love of

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Ayla Maternity

AYLA Maternity is a maternity brand that is targeted at the progressive, fashion conscious mother to-be.

All of AYLA Maternity’s garments are designed to fit and flatter

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Brunswick Tool Library

The Brunswick Tool Library (BTL) is a lot like a book library, but you get to check out tools instead of books! It’s great for people who do occasional home

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Kelly Gatchell Hartley

I am a mixed medium artist who is inspired by Mexican culture (especially Day of the Dead), other mixed media and assemblage artists, and today’s throwaway society. My art

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