Amethyst Moon: Luna Cameron-Parrish

Luna Cameron-Parrish is a painter, sculptor, mixed media and mosaic artist. Formerly based in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia for ten years, she is now living and working

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Shanrah Austin

Shanrah Austin’s practice draws stimulus from early sideshow culture, medical archives and cinematic horror.  Her work explores the human anomaly, highlighting the abject, and

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Stuart Beekmeyer

Stuart runs an urban climbability consultancy and designs urban bouldering, climbable sculpture and landscape architecture.

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Leon van de Graaff

Sculptor, Video artist and Arts Technician since 1995.  Assembling found objects and making objects from 5cm to 3m, installations, dioramas, performance art video; with craftsmanship

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Amie Anderson

Amie Anderson is an Australian artist based in Melbourne who seeks to inquire into social systems and systems of knowledge through various projects, often exploring and documenting

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Leith Walton

Leith is a respected artist who has been based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne for the past 11 years.

His favoured style of creation is laser cutting intriguing objects

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Adam Douglass

Geonaut 2013

Adam Douglass is a New Zealand born artist and researcher currently working in Factory 7 in Brunswick. His art practice is broadly associated with animating the abstract. Adam is

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