Callout for original works of fiction

Soma – Brunswick, 421 Sydney Road, Brunswick

We are collating work from a breadth and depth of people. A small black book will emerge from the motley and be distributed as a celebration of creativity and imagination.

Submissions must be original works of fiction; micro-fiction, short-stories and novellas. We are emphasising quality of concept. If you have little experience in writing but have a good idea we encourage you to submit something.

The submission fee is $10. The deadline is July 23
Send stories to:
The book will be launched at Soma Gallery on August 25

If you are published, you will take a share of the sales of each book. You will also retain the rights to your story so that you can publish it elsewhere in the future.

There are no specific formatting requirements. Hard-copies welcome. Submissions can be from anywhere in the world/universe. More information to come. In the meantime, begin dreaming…

The realisation of true imagination, canvassing subconscious rumination onto sound, into imagery, beyond tangibility; Sculpting the flesh of raw thought brought forth from the confines of a curious mind, transcribed through a haze of misfiring neurons circumventing primal logic and manipulating baser instinct to immerse cynicism in the unwaking dream of material’s regurgitator.

Futile Gesture