Brunswick Studio Walk This Weekend

When is it?
Saturday February 25, 12-5pm

Where is it?
Various locations between Jewell and Moreland Stations, situated near the Upfield bike path.

Download a PDF here
Google Maps link
Hard copies of the map will be available from each location on the day

Who is involved?
17 visual art/design studios, galleries and other visual art points of interest. This year’s line up includes:

  • Counihan Gallery
  • Blackdot Gallery
  • Siteworks
  • Toast Workroom
  • 23a Leslie St
  • Squishface Studio
  • SOMA Artspace
  • Beinart Gallery
  • Perucci & Plein Air Studios
  • SOCA
  • Studio Brunswick & Co.
  • Tinning St Presents
  • Hound & Bone Fine Art Printers
  • 33 Tinning St Studio
  • Thinkers and Makers Society
  • Studio 11