Bong! Zulu, Bodies, Cybernetix, C.L Pleasure

bccd54e08b8b52f9292a708c5bddea3bA night of diverse sounds. A carefully selected, discordantly complementary lineup that will twist your mind, then set it free.


Bong! Zulu
Cannibalism served aurally.

How long has this set been going? Five seconds…five years…Not long enough. You’re going to swim in dark waters at zero gravity and emerge aflame.

What genre are they?
No one knows, or rather, no one cares.
Five songs and three notes.
If you think you can’t be brainwashed, you’re wrong.
Aneurysms are the new rock and roll.

C.L Pleasure
These guys are like the puppies who tear up the Christmas wrapping paper then pick up guitars and play a gnarly set of grooving psychedelia.

Tickets: $5 or $10
All door proceeds go to the bands.

The night is a testament to Soma’s existence, to its continued survival, to the insurmountable tolls it has asked of so many great minds to provide beautifully deranged vistas to the few. Might one day its story be told.

SOMA – 421 Sydney Road Brunswick