Biennale of Australian Art

dd8a9cc1-3364-4007-ac80-cc86f45d2d2cBOAA will be a Visual Arts Festival, showcasing over 150 of Australia’s most innovative contemporary artists from across Australia.  Ballarat will come alive with both large and intimate scaled projects in over 50 different indoor/outdoor locations, across 6 Art Villages, providing exciting daytime and night-time experiences.

BOAA will tell Australian stories: stories of our past, present and future.  It will reflect what is means to be Australian today, aiming to have a strong Aboriginal focus, as well as celebrating our multiculturalism.  It will be a festival that marks our time and place within history.

Selection is now open for Australian Artists to be included BOAA 2018.
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Over 150 Artists will be selected and provided with various levels of funding for a range of projects from solo & group exhibitions and outdoor projects across 40 locations in Ballarat.