Belinda Wilshire – Black Swan 2016 Prize finalist

01_origBelinda is thrilled to be included as a finalist in this year’s Black Swan Prize for portraiture with my self portrait Deconstructed Blue.

The painting will be exhibited with the other finalists (see them here)  at the Art Gallery Of Western Australia from October 8th to 31st.

A bit about the work:
The moment was finally captured within the last 1/2hr of a three-day shoot. I had spent weeks planning; there were lighting rigs, make-up, hair, costumes, smoke & mirrors, even glitter. After spending days alone in the studio and posing for some 1000 frames I found myself feeling empty and like a bit of a fraud. It was at this point with my hair a mess and my T-Shirt inside out, that I let go of any preconceptions and rules I had set myself. With the studio in chaos all around me I felt deconstructed and vulnerable, but also completely fulfilled with the journey I had made.