Autumn at Noir Darkroom

May 17 – June 4
Opening on the 19th of May at 6pm for ‘Autumn’.

The theme “AUTUMN is all about change, shedding the past and making way for the new”.

The lineup includes several local artists (including Jessie Scott, who’s image is on the flyer). Heres the list of most of the participating artists:

– Emma Armstrong-Porter

– Aron Babington

– Meg Black

– Emily Dunstan

– Dylan Foley

– Geo

– Mark Grant

– Mike Greaney

– Bec Johnson

– Jessika K

– Toots McGee

– OLN-Y the Artist

– Molly Patton

– Ingrid Petterson

– Melissa Rolfe

– Amanda Santuccione

– Gabrielle Savrone

– Jessie Scott

– Fern Smith

– Jude Worters